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Responsible development requires responsible planning.

Responsible planning directs the orderly use of land (Canadian Institute of Planners; Municipal Government Act, Part 17).

Successful cities create good plans and adhere to them.

Good plans stop sprawl, preserve sensitive lands and heritage buildings, keep schools open, let seniors age in place, and encourage diversity. Good plans properly manage traffic and public transportation. Good plans densify where it is truly needed.

In Edmonton, good plans are in place! The city needs to add 40,000 dwellings to existing neighbourhoods by 2041 to meet regional density targets. Council planned for 50,000 dwellings on areas open for development (the Blatchford airport lands, the Quarters downtown, and Fort Road). Council planned to sensitively redevelop other areas incrementally, over time (the downtown north east, the city centre, the south side, and the west end). Areas without plans relied on zoning bylaws for certainty.

But instead of adhering to the plans, City Council encouraged extensive spot-zoning to intensify individual properties of developers’ choosing – including parkland.

Council also repeatedly changed the zoning bylaws to intensify individual properties in the neighbourhoods without plans. Between 2014 and 2016, the bylaws changed a dizzying 50 times. More changes are on the way.

Development is not according to plan. The public doesn’t know what zoning changes to expect next. The most profitable areas are being over-built. City Council is selling parkland for development while vacant lots sit elsewhere. The 50,000 homes have been forgotten that were intended for the open land in need of development.

Unfortunately, the Mayor and Councillors have explicitly expressed that they are leaving their mark on the city by imposing change for the sake of change. The purposes of planning and zoning – orderliness and certainty – have vanished.

Let’s revive responsible development!

The time has come to revive responsible development in Edmonton.

Citizens for Responsible Development (C4RD) intends to unite individuals and neighbourhoods across the city over the long term, for mutual benefit and strength in numbers, to restore good planning citywide.

It’s big, it’s brave, but it’s possible!

In the short term, C4RD’s first action is to obtain signatures on our petition (see the red ‘Petition’ button in the top righthand corner).

We will present the petition to City Council to maximize the message that the public demands responsible development in the interests of Edmonton’s citizens.

We will assist organizations and political candidates who support responsible development in Edmonton’s neighbourhoods.

Sign the petition, then spread the word! Send this link to all your contacts.

C4RD Association of Citizens for Responsible Development was incorporated on March 27, 2017 by a group of community advocates from across Edmonton who share concerns about the current state of the city’s planning and development processes. The Board consists of the following people. Their brief biographies are posted on the Contact page:

Shane Bergdahl, President, Millwoods

Gordon Stamp, Vice-president, McCauley

Cassandra Haraba, Secretary-Treasurer, Grovenor 

Rose Marie Tremblay, Director of Outreach, Grovenor

Terry Kirkland, Director at Large, Laurier

C4RD’s Purpose

Citizens for Responsible Development (C4RD) advocates for democratic and responsible development policies and practices in Edmonton’s neighbourhoods.


C4RD’s Goals

  • To raise public awareness of city planning.

  • To influence city planning through collaborative actions city-wide.

  • To develop citywide and neighbourhood-specific plans – based on verifiable evidence – that will truly:

    end sprawl,

    steward Edmonton’s land and heritage, and

    provide diverse housing for complete communities.

Initial Action:  Petition

Click on the red ‘petition’ button in the upper right-hand corner to sign.

We will present the petition to City Council before and after the municipal election in October.

We will also present the petition to all candidates running for City Council to establish their positions on city planning and development.

What You Can Do

You can assist by signing the petition to send a message to City Council.

You can also assist by sharing the petition with others who might like to sign.

Visit our Willing to Assist page to get in touch and find out how you can help gain support for this work.

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